A long time interest in dogs led us to our present involvement with Flat Coated  Retrievers.  Both of us had dogs in our youth, Hans-Dachshunds, Margareta- English Cocker Spaniels.  We have had FCR's since 1972, first as companion and hunting dogs, later we became involved in other activities such as showing, obedience trialing and hunt tests. We both enjoy training which creates a special bond between dog and handler.

Our first FCR came to us from the UK in June of 1972.  We still lived in Sweden at that time but a little more than a year later we moved to Saskatoon with our three young children a FCR and a Golden Retriever.  Becky our FCR was mainly our family dog but also used to go hunting with Hans.  She (like all FCR's) was very good with children and was frequently taken to school for "show and tell".  Enjoying the outdoors the dogs always accompanied us when we were camping or canoeing.

We have continued our associations with Sweden and all our dogs have Swedish backgrounds.  We have imported dogs, frozen semen or sent a female for breeding.  Our latest litters here have been sired by Dutch and British dogs.

We have a strong interest in training and compete in conformation shows, obedience trials, working certificates and hunt tests.  Dogs from our breeding have also enjoyed other interests such as agility and tracking.

Currently we reside on 80 acres of property just outside Saskatoon.  We spend a great deal of time each day walking or skiing along the many wooded trails we have. The dogs enjoy their time  flushing birds and following deer paths.

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Hans and Margareta Berin Saskatoon, SK. Canada.
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