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Prairielight kennels are situated just West of Saskatoon on 80 acres. We, Hans and Margareta Berin, are the owners of the kennel name and the land where we have our home. This is quite a rural area surrounded by alfalfa fields and natural prairie. We think it’s a great place for dogs and humans alike. There are no pesticides, there is clean water and lots of room for all of us to move around.

We have had Flat-Coated Retrievers since 1972 and bred our first litter in 1991. Originally from Sweden we moved to Canada in 1973 and brought our dogs along. At that time we had a Golden and a Flatcoat. We have maintained our ties with Sweden by importing dogs, frozen semen for artificial inseminations and stayed in contact with quite a few breeders.

During the years since we started breeding we have had one or two litters a year. The puppies have gone to people with varying interests. Some have shown their dogs in conformation shows,others have competed in obedience, agility,tracking,scent hurdling and other sports. Some have gone to hunters, some for search and rescue, some for visiting nursing homes and other institutions. The breed is multitalented! We think it’s important for the dog to have a purpose and the bond, between the owner and the dog, gets very strong by training. We continue with some kind of training of our dogs during their whole life.

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