Our dogs

The Flat-coated Retriever is a very happy, outgoing dog that loves people. He is always eager to do things together with his owner. Somewhat slower to mature than other retrieving breeds he keeps his happy and playful outlook on life even when old. Being so people oriented the FCR is better off living in the house than alone in a kennel. If left isolated the FCR can become depressed and destructive. He needs interaction both mentally and physically. He is easy to train and will enjoy any activity that is also enjoyed by his owner.

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Ch Prairielight Mayday Mayday CDX, WCX, SH “Maisy”
Prairielight Sweet Dreams CDX, WCX, JH “Chat”
Ch Prairielight Truth or Dare CDX, WCX, JH “Splash”
GCH Prairielight Solitaire CD, WCX, SH “Gem”
CH Prairielight True Indicator WC “Storm”
Quills Speed Up WC “Mio”
Prairielight Kaboom WC, JH “Kaboom”

Friends and relatives:

CH Prairielight Nocturne WC “Oskar”
Ch Prairielight Once a Cindarella CDX, WCI, JH “Quinta”

Dogs we remember:

Ch Prairielight Little Orfn Annie CD, WCX, JH “Annie”
Ch Prairielight Talk is Cheap CDX, WCX “Ylva”
Ch Prairielight Living Daylights CDX, WCX, MH “Pippin”

ylva-DSC_0927 pippin Maisy move