Ch Prairielight Living Daylights CDX, WCX, MH “Pippin”

Am Ch Almanza Let’s Party Today x Am Ch Prairielight Jazz Pizzazz CD WC





AM CH Almanza Lets Party Today GB SH CH SE (s)CH NO CH NORDW-03 W-03 NORDW-04 Almanza I Hate Mondays NORD CH FIN CH SE (s)CH NO CH W-04 NORDW-05 W-05 W-06 SEW-05 NOW-04 NOW-05 NOW-06 Almanza Far & Flyg
SE (s)CH NO CH SE TrCH NOW-04 Almanza Glossy Amethyst
C.I.B NORD CH Almanza Chocolate Caramel SE (s)CH NO CH JWW-98 KBHW-98 KBHW-99 W-99 SEW-99 Caci's Hell of a Lot
C.I.B NORD CH FIN CH SE CH DK CH NO CH WW-96 W-97 Almanza Mad About Chocolate
CAN CH Prairielights Jazz Pizzazz WC CAN CH Prairielights Ceasar CD CAN CH O'Flanagan What's Cooking CD WCI
CAN CH O'Flanagan Terra Ignota WC JH CD
CAN CH Prairielights Abrakadabra CDX, WCI, JH, AM WC US CH CA CH Almanza Wet or Dry at Prairielight CDX, WCI, JH, AM WC
CAN CH O'Flanagan Wheel of Fortune WCI, CD, JH